Inspired by a career in fashion and a pursuit of wind and water, George Hensler uses understated design to bring out the innate beauty in objects around him.

About George

Good design isn’t about flashy branding or over-the-top showpieces. It’s about attention to the details.

George Hensler originally found his passion for design in the fashion business. From launching his first business, a swimsuit and accessory company, to building a large private label accessory company, George always had a knack for combining form and understated design to create something functional and beautiful.

George found a new way to put his design intuition to use when his love for kite surfing led him to the north shore of Maui. There, he purchased a waterfront property that included a Plantation cottage and carriage house. Both built in the 1940’s and badly in need of someone who could restore their classic integrity and beauty.

Creating beautiful designs from a bustling San Francisco fashion scene to the blue, breaking waves of Hawaii.

For the next few years, George immersed himself in the properties. He spent mornings custom-designing every detail from furniture and landscaping to lighting and plumbing fixtures. Then, in the afternoons, he’d walk out to the water and spend the rest of the day kitesurfing. This process resulted in two unique, yet cohesive coastal properties that deeply reflect George’s natural design aesthetic and love for the ocean.

Now, George spends his time chasing the wind around the world looking for new places to kitesurf along with design projects that need a breath of fresh inspiration of beauty and life.


The Maui Beach Cottage and Carriage House have been featured in a variety of leading design and travel publications.

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